Our networks operate across the Hospitality, Education, Retail and Aviation industry. We’d love you to join our network

Dopamine offers a flexible and collaborative approach to managing your network. We’ll either train your marketing teams to manage content directly on our easy-to-use software platform, or we can offer the full managed solution handled by Dopamine’s content managers. Both options include full monitoring of the network’s health and on-demand assistance to make sure you never miss a launch date. Cost effective content creation is an additional service that can also be provided.

Business Class TV

17 Airport Lounges in SA, Mozambique, Zambia & Zimbabwe

  • Screens 52
  • Networks 3
  • Travelers 320K
  • *average travellers per month
In-flight Entertainment

We create monthly digital magazine shows

  • Screens Across SAA Fleet 40
  • Digital Magazine Shows 2 x 30MIN
Large Format DOOH
  • High Impact Roadside DOOH 5
  • Multiple Roadside LED Screens 2
Campus Media

7 top 10 universities in SA

  • Screens 166
  • Networks 7
  • Students 248K
  • *average students per month
Mall TV

7 Malls in South Africa

  • Screens 9
  • Networks 3
  • Shoppers 2,4M
  • *average shoppers per month

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